Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Connecting Modules

This week I finished building the last of the module legs, which hold the return loop from the layout to the traverser. This is constructed from 42x19mm DAR pine with three adjustable feet, offset on each 'wing.'

Compared to everything else this far it's a pretty simple design. Yep - at this point I'm over carpentry. It's solid. It's portable. It works.

Job done.

Originally I was going to attach the return loop module to the traverser and layout using two loose-pin hinges per connection. The smallest sized hinge I could get with a loose-pin was 70mm, so I decided to use one per connection and mount it horizontally, which has worked well. An added bonus is that the hinges allow the module a little more vertical wiggle room if I need to adjust the height of the return loop module at the layout's next home in future. 

Between Christmas and now I had a bit of a run of my new Trainorama 48 taking it to a relative's DC layout. I can't add anything more than what others have said, other than it runs quite well and managed grades and loads as capably as the 47 and 49. It does have good, robust detail; nothing dropped off and waiting for you in the box when you open it up. I'm looking forward to converting it to DCC and adding sound in future. The A5 station in this photo is a hand-me-down, and I had arranged it with the G2 goods shed in this configuration for about a week to get an idea for how I eventually want it all to look. The G2 is definitely too big to achieve what I'm after, and I'm now certain the gable-roofed A3 will more adequately represent the country junction station I'm after.

Until next time, Cheers.