Thursday, 14 December 2017

I’m never studying again

I'm sure many of us have uttered this phrase. This is the third time I've said it, but this time - this time - once uni is out of the way in March, 2018 will be free for modelling. At least that's the plan!

I've said earlier in these pages that I think Rozelle Street has run it's course for me for now, and so aside from actually finishing the wagons I said I'd weather this year, I'd like to have a go at another small layout, hopefully one with a continuous run or at least the ability to take on a continuous run in future. For now, it still provides me with a layout that fits with a lifestyle where I can comfortably fit 30 minutes or so to run trains when I have spare time. It's also a great photo backdrop for the few models that do make it off the workbench!

Thanks for your comments on this blog throughout the year. I've appreciated the feedback, particularly at the Malkara exhibition. I hope the methods and ideas have helped and inspired!

Aside from another layout, the electric loco fleet is set to grow in 2018 when the Auscision 85 class arrives, and the sound-equipped Auscision 48 and SDS 81 class are both due before the middle of the year too. Clearly, I need a bigger layout. I'm also putting it in black and smudge right now that next year is the year I finish the supplementary interurban MUB set I've been steadily accumulating parts for for the last three years. 

For now, notch back and coast past the home signal for Christmas.