Sunday, 9 March 2014

Backboard progress

This weekend I managed to get a little further on the backboard construction. The first one, pictured last week, was essentially a test-bed for getting the construction process down and experimenting with the tools and equipment to figure out how everything works. Learning a bit along the way I was able to get this far:

Here you can see the two modules together, with just the final piece to go into the left-hand module. I needed to put the tools down and walk away from it when I took the photo - I am prone to press-on-itis, which usually results in either frustration at not achieving something in an impossible timeframe or trying to rush something, stuffing it up, and ending up at the frustration stage anyway.

With some time after work this week I hope to be able to finish the backboard and start forming up and cutting the timber for the yard and track. Then I'll fit the foam scenery, shape that and cut an appropriately-shaped fascia to fit. The pelmet will come after lighting. Lighting itself is still a little way off, but I'm looking at LED strips having seen other modellers' success with them. It's frustrating being at least two weeks away from the soonest track-laying, but that's just the way it has to be.

To close things off, here's another motivator:

7302 hauls an up goods (probably a trip working) through Newtown. (Source: Weston Langford's website - a great place to spend a few hours, regardless of which system you model)


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