Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The last 32 class to Newcastle

Or will it be? For years I've put off going to Steamfest (in the Newcastle/Hunter area), but with the impending truncation of the line into Newcastle I figured it was about time to stop putting it off and get up there.

I only had a limited amount of time so the main aim of the visit was to ride the heritage service into Newcastle Station proper from Maitland, and return. Above is the first trip of the Saturday shortly after arriving in Newcastle.

Interesting cantenary arrangement at the end of the line in the above shot. Never noticed it until now.

But onto the diesels:

442 idling at Newcastle

4303 returns to Maitland from a midday Branxton shuttle. Haven't thought much about getting an Auscision 43 (if the rumours come to fruition), but I enjoyed hearing it tick over between trips at Maitland. Still, there's only so much space on the layout.

I probably spent about four hours just watching trains at Maitland; with the coal roads, Pelton EL's, north Coast NR's, passenger trains and all the heritage stuff, you really are spoiled for choice up there.

So by now you can probably guess that not much has happened on the layout since the last post. My Dad had loaned me his jigsaw, but needs it back for some renovations on the upcoming long weekend. So, work is currently halted until payday.

I'll post something in a couple of weeks when there's progress to show. Should have it upstairs again by then.

Happy Modelling!

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