Wednesday, 3 September 2014

One step forward...

Last week it rained in Sydney. Brilliant, I thought; indoor weather and plenty of time to do some more to the layout.

Until I arrived in the garage. 

With limited insulation and ventilation in there, the moisture from a few days' worth of rain had built up and warped all of the MDF components of the modules - namely those which I had only just completed!

So, after a quick trip to Mister Ply & Wood for some 4mm B grade external plywood, I'm now back to where I was three weeks ago. Lesson learned.

On the plus side, I had do a little landscaping to get the fascia fitted, so a little more has been completed and I've been prompted to think about the final scenery shape. The block of wood in the below photo is sitting where a retaining wall coming off the overbridge supports will go.   

Happy modelling!



  1. Looking at your last two (2) pictures Ben, am just wondering if you even need an over bridge in this location, it seems kind of forced especially against the back scene.

    If the purpose of the bridge is to act as a "view block" for the exit of trains from the scene then I think the raised earth bank on the front of the layout (along with the curve of the track) already achieves this, just from the angles of the pictures you have posted.

    Lowering the rear earth bank slightly and adjusting the contours of same may also assist to convey a railway passing through a landscape.



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    2. Tom, the more I think about your suggestion the more it grows on me. I was driving between Tarana and Lithgow over the weekend, and just by the hilly scenery on that stretch I reckon a high contour from the front of the layout that meets a lower earth bank at the rear would be a believable alternative the bridge idea.
      Appreciate the feedback! I'm going to play with it a bit more, but I'll put some pictures of the final concept up once complete.


      P.S. Had to delete the first reply as I made a few typo's and can't edit them through Blogspot. Cheers!