Sunday, 5 April 2015

Traverser complete

Before I update the next stage of the layout's progress, I forgot to post this photo from earlier last month with the traverser completed. With the track height sitting at around 1300mm off the ground, the legs were wobbling a lot until I added the cross-pieces. I was suprised at just how much bracing the cross-pieces provide. 

I haven't determined fate of the diorama sitting on the bottom shelf. It was scenicked with the standard ground foam and dirt method in 2007. Shameless plug - if you want to read about it, find a copy of the Oct 2007 AMRM (Issue #266) and head to "Creating Realistic Australian Scenery. I'd like to redo the scenery on it as a practice for new methods I've learned since then - static grasses, dirt roads, weathering, etc. - but there's a layout to be built before then.


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