Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mock up

Below are photos of the mock up I did last weekend. The whole layout currently sits at about 1200mm high. Once I get some timber to put between the drawers it will be another 100mm higher. The track level will be another 100mm higher still to allow for some landscaping.

As mentioned last post, the G2 Goods shed will be a G1B. The Pc3 station will be a Pc2.

The gantry crane above needs to be disassembled and built again. I tried to build it a number of years ago when I still putting together plastic kits. As you can see, it didn't turn out so well.

There's a fair bit of space between the cement siding and the backboard, but it should all look 'right' once the cement facility goes in there. Picture the one at Tamworth. The plan is to look something like that.

I'm quite happy with how it all looks so far. The two months mucking around with the plans on AnyRail was time well spent! I'm reluctantly looking forward to putting the trains away again and taking the whole ensemble back to the garage to start the next phase.


  1. G'day Ben :) Looking good! You could keep the Pc3, it is a more appropriate sized building for a terminus. The Pc2 buildings were used mainly at intermediate locations where there wasn't much traffic.

    1. G'day James, although the Pc3's previous home was a terminus layout, this one isn't supposed to be a terminus. Good to know it was prototypical in a former life though! I'm envisaging that this one will be a Barmedman/Ungarie style junction station, only with more traffic. I'll have to get the thinking cap on to justify why :) Cheers!

  2. Craboon Station might be another alternative to look at, junction for the Coolah Branch which was located a way from the station. While the Coolah branch was provided with Pc Infrastructure (15" inch slabs - c1920), Craboon was provided timber buildings being built earlier on.

    I concur with James more traffic, meant more staff to deal with the traffic, meant a larger building/s or types were provided at the location, the smaller buildings you have noted that you would like to use however will make the space / layout look larger.


    Tom R

    1. Good suggestion Tom. I've been looking at Craboon in Country Railway Stations #6. The mix of timber buildings with the Pc signal box is almost asking to be modelled :) You've given me something to think about.