Saturday, 15 February 2014

New blog intro

I've been following a number of modelling and NSWGR blogs for a few years now and have really enjoyed seeing the way other modellers do things. More often than not it's a little extra bit of info that you don't get in the magazines due to space limitations and the need to appeal to a large audience.

This blog will focus on my chosen era - NSWR in the mid-to-late 1970s - and my efforts to model that era. James McInerney's thought piece in the Issue #276 (June 2009) probably sums a lot of what I like about the period; "Short, colourful trains." In NSW, the 70's meant steam-era operating practices, short trains made up of modern, bogie wagons next to the old four-wheelers, guards vans, three-letter coding, and a number of different styles of diesel locos as the authorities tried to plug an unexpected gap in motive power with the withdrawal of the steamers.

Not yet being able to afford (or negotiate) the space or time to build an empire, the 70s allows me to realistically model a small space in a small location, and justify a fairly decent amount of traffic. I grew up after the 70s, so I'm using a lot of content from books and online to create the right atmosphere.

For me, this hobby is about continuously trying to do better than your last effort. With that in mind, I'm happy to share more info on anything you see posted and welcome constructive criticism.

Lastly, I hate blogs that don't have photos. Here's one that sums up what I like about the 1970s on NSW rails:

4917 tows a short goods down the grade from Carlwood to Tarana on the Oberon line on 24th May 1979. (Bob Winch photo, sourced from the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway website)

Happy modelling!


  1. G'day Ben.The 70's is a good era to model 48's 49's 47's etc with all this new RTR the focus is on the landscape.Good luck I look forward to the updates on your blog. Peter