Saturday, 8 October 2016


Getting away from the 'how to' posts for a while, I thought I'd post an update on a few things happening on the rollingstock front of late.

I've mainly been working on a Road and Rail Resin Milktainer. I'm building four and I have to say I am impressed with the thought that has gone into designing them to incorporate all of the detail. I'm up to the ladder fabricating stage, which I haven't been looking forward to as I'm not that good with soldering the finer detail of brass castings. Will see how we go.

The long term plan for Rozelle Street is to add overhead wiring strung from timber poles like it was in Rozelle yard, which will require scratch-building. Recently I saw an indian red Auscision 46 class for sale from a deceased estate and jumped at it given that this livery is sold out. A scene of things to come, sans overheads for now:

While I was at uni I volunteered on a number of ARHS ACT's restaurant trains as a way of getting a cheap railway fix. At the time they had just acquired their ex-Southern Aurora RMS dining car, and it became my new favourite carriage, slowly joined by the sleepers and PHN. When Auscision announced that they were making a set - and at almost a third of the price of the Tranbuilder brass one - I 'needed' to have one. Sure, I'm not modelling the main south at night time, or have the room for it right now, but it's a drool-inducing set of carriages, crisply finished and with fine details.

One day, I'll build that elusive continuous-run layout and this purchase will come out more often. In the meantime here are 9 cars of the 10-car set on the layout

While we're on fanciful purchases, I was pleased to see the latest painted sample of the V set in the Auscision display cabinet [I swear this post isn't sponsored content!] at the Liverpool exhibition this year. Although the variant of the class Auscision is producing entered service slightly after my era in 1982, these cars have been synonymous with school holidays and happy memories, and my partner has very kindly bought me one. Unlike the Southern Aurora though, I plan on getting this one out a little more often!

That's all for now. Hopefully back with some more modelling next time. Til then!


  1. The Indian Red 46 Class looks like a great addition to your layout. I share your pain with the elusive continuous run layout Ben. I also ummed and ahhed over the V-sets for so long. It is possible to operate one a bookshelf layout however, the secret is being able to make it totally disappear from sight into staging.

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    2. Spot on about the staging Phil, it just doesn't carry the illusion otherwise. If I built it again I'd re-think the exit to the layout to make it a more defined transition similar to what you have done on Philden. The meat shed kinda does it, but not to the extent that the audience can't see the fiddle yard.

      (Original reply deleted because I couldn't edit it for a missing word!)