Sunday, 4 December 2016

Factory finish

Just a quick update - today I finished adding stairs and a rain downpipe to the factory background building on the layout. This was one of those jobs I culled in the rush to complete the building for Hobson's Bay earlier this year, so it's nice to finally have it ticked off the list.

To get an idea of what it used to look like:

Versus what it looks like now.

To weather the building I used layers of orange, brown and black ground pastels to get an aged look and change the reddish, American colour of the building to a little more like what I've found in Sydney. I then sealed the model with a spray of isopropyl alocohol. There's also a hint behind the 73 class of the next upgrade I'm making, but we'll come to that eventually.

In the meantime, I still need to finish off the milktainers from the last post. I've primed them today and can finish painting and decalling them this week. I'll write up a little more about them once they're done.

Til then!


  1. The foreground as well as the building looks the part and is not overcrowded.Peter

    1. Thanks Peter. The real thing in my era was still fairly tidy, with the signs of age just starting to show. It takes a bit of self-control, but once you get into the habit of "that'll do" with scenery before getting too carried away it makes for more realistic-looking scenes.