Saturday, 23 July 2016

Construction diary interlude

Taking a break from the construction updates, here's a gratuitous operations shot.

A couple of nights this week after work I switched the layout on and shunted and dismantled a few consists for about half an hour. It's been a great stress-reliever recently - my partner's even asked how to operate it so she can run it to unwind too. I don't think I'll ever convert her to model railways (and sometimes it's refreshing to have separate pursuits), but it's nice to get the layout accepted as a permanent fixture in the house!

Build a railway for your lifestyle. Smart words, Lance Mindheim.

Cheers for now,


  1. Hey Ben. Love the posting. Just to draw your attention to something you might not have noticed- look at the brick building and you'll see a reflection of the bridge. Some washes and dusts will solve that (add it to the to-do list!). Also, absolutely love the sandstone wall. Looks very much the part. Well done mate

    1. Hey Ben, good pick up - I noticed that when I was uploading the photo too. I'm adding rainwater downpipes with astragals, plus the fire escape stairs I ran out of time to add before exhibiting the layout, so I plan to weather it up once they're all fitted.
      Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Nice photo Ben. When you've got your partner interested in the layout, then you know you've done your layout well. Of course it helps if your layout is small enough to look like a piece of furniture in the lounge room, rather than taking up half the house.